Davis Mejia

Davis Mejia

Intermediate High/Advanced/Pronunciation/Accent Reduction/Conversation

This course is designed for students who function effectively in English in familiar as well as unfamiliar social situations. They can comprehend conversations on unfamiliar topics and essential points of discussion in speech on topics in special fields of interest. They can read authentic materials on abstract subjects in familiar contexts as well as descriptions and narrations of factual material. These students can write descriptions, short essays, summaries and responses to questions on most forms and applications.

Course content is relevant to students’ lives. It integrates language functions and language forms with informational sources, skills and topics. Topics are chosen in accordance with students’ goals—general, educational or vocational. Emphasis is on fluency and communications. Students self monitor in formal and informal situations which require communication, and their errors in grammar and pronunciation sometimes interfere with the communication process

Culture bound allusions and culture related humor are taught explicitly; appropriate cultural behavior is developed implicitly through activities that contrast the same behaviors in different cultures—behaviors such as winking, whistling and maintaining appropriate social distance.

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