Diana Mendez

ESL Literacy

This is a non-credit, open enrollment course that is designed for students who have little or no literacy skills in English or their native language and who need to start at the beginning.
Students will build fundamental English life skills vocabulary through listening, speaking, reading, writing, and basic grammar activities. The use of technology will also be integrated.
This course is designed around the competency-based model of instruction. The content covered in this course will focus on understanding through the areas of listening, speaking,
reading, writing, language function, language form, and cultural literacy. The basic life skills’ categories which will provide the topics of instruction are: Basic Communication, Consumer Economics, Community Resources, Employment, Government/Citizenship, Computation, Learning and Thinking Skills, and Independent Living. The goal of the course is to promote English language competency for personal, social, educational and professional purposes,
applying English to real-life situations with embedded contextualized learning. The emphasis is on literacy and basic communication skills that enable learners to participate more fully within society as citizens, workers and family members. Scans foundation skills and competencies are embedded in class instruction.

Virtual Classroom
From Monday to Thursday – except holidays, start at 6:00 PM

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