Dorinda Browning

Dorinda Browning

Reading "Black Beauty"


Ch.11-12 Reading by Mrs. Browning (video)

chapter reading pages (3 pgs) 

 2) the questions worksheet and vocabulary sheet (2 pgs)

Lesson #1 - Solving Equations  (video)

Math problem solving notes

Math- Solving Problems worksheet  

Black Beauty ch. 13-14 reading 

Ch. 13-14 questions and vocabulary

Lesson #2Solving Word Problems  Video

Solving Double Sided Equations

Number word problems

Black Beauty Ch 15 (Video)

Ch 15 Reading

Ch 15 Vocabulary and Questions

Lesson#3 Video for 2 step equations 2 step equations &

Help for 2 step equations

Multi-step equations

Variables on both sides

Graphing Lines

Black Beauty Reading Ch.17-19

Video Reading 1

Ch. 17-19 Vocabulary and Questions

Lesson #4

Video Lesson for Evaluating

Evaluating Expressions

Graphing lines p.40

Graphing lines-p.41 

Graphing Lines p.42

Black Beauty Ch. 20-22 Reading

Black Beauty Ch.20-22 Vocabulary and Questions

Reading video

Lesson #5 Graphing Inequalities Video

Order Of Operations Practice

Solving and Graphing Inequalities (p.43)

Solving and Graphing Inequalities (p.44)

More Inequalities (p.45)

Black Beauty (video)Reading  

Ch. 23-24 Vocab and Questions 23-24

Lesson 6 Binomials and Foil Video

FOIL notes

Polynomial notes

Operations and Reasoning (p.4)

Binomials and FOIL (p.5)Word problems with FOIL (p.6)

Black Beauty Reading ch.25-26

Ch.25-26 Vocab and questions

Ch. 25-26 Video


Lesson 7

 Scatter Plots Video

Scatter plots explanation

p.7  p.8  p.9  p.10   p.11

  Black Beauty Reading ch.27-29

Vocabulary and questions ch. 27-29

Black Beauty Video 

Lesson 8 Slope video

Slope tips

P. 49  p. 51   p.74   p.75


 Black Beauty Review Vocabulary

Word search


Lesson 9 Review video

Review p.1 worksheet

Review p.2 worksheet

Review p.3 worksheet

Review p.4 worksheet


Lesson 10 "Review Part 2

Review  p.1 worksheet 

Review p.2 worksheet 

Review p.3 worksheet

Review p.4 worksheet



The GED Prep class is designed to prepare students to take the new 2014 GED test. Students will be given an initial test to determine their reading level. Based on the results, an individual study plan will be assigned and students will study independently with teacher guidance and help. Multiple resources and study materials will be available to students, including computer programs and teacher instruction. Students will study the four GED Test content areas: Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Math. The purchase of a GED preparation textbook is an option for those who would like additional study time outside of class.