Lynn Walker


Hello ESL Int. Low Class,

I am so glad we are in contact.  Let's continue learning.  First, if you haven't already bought the Ventures Book 3 with the workbook, please do so now.  You can buy both books together on Amazon and probably get free shipping.  We are going to use the Ventures book and workbook along with various websites to keep learning.  I'm also going to try to set up a website for us on


For now, please purchase the Ventures 3 book + Ventures 3 workbook pack via Amazon or Ebay.  

This is what the books look like:



Buy them as a "value pack" and try to get free shipping.  Some of our class have already bought these two books together and didn't spend more than about $42. 00 - $45.00, or even less.  You can also buy them at for only $35.25, but this requires registering for a Cambridge account.  This might be a little hard to do since it asks for a lot of information, but I can help you with this if you are interested.  (If buying the books is too expensive for you right now, you can still participate in our class by doing other activities, including exploring the FREE Ventures Arcade website!)


Additionally, there is a GREAT resource everyone can use:  Ventures Arcade  This website is entirely FREE and it goes along with our class textbooks.  Please try this link today.  (Press the CTRL button on your computer and then click to open any of the links in this email.)  Click on the green number 3 to get started.  We are currently in Unit 6, but you can choose any unit you like.  There is also a citizenship button with lessons, including preparing for the citizenship interview and government and history lesson.  (I recommend going to the "Rights and Responsibilities" button right now to review what we were learning in class during the last two weeks.)


Also, I will be putting weekly lesson plans on our school website.  I'll let you know when I have the first set of plans up (not yet).  We will be going to the Adult Education GGUSD website on a weekly basis and clicking on our teacher's name (Lynn Walker) and then reading the plans for the week.  There will also be a few activities I would like everyone to do.  


Thank you all for continuing your ESL learning with Lincoln Education Center.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Ms. Lynn