Raymond Hernandez

Raymond Hernandez

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Raymond Hernandez

My name is Raymond Hernandez and I have approximately 20 years teaching in Adult Education classes. I studied at California State University of Los Angeles and completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Education. I received a Master’s in Education at Hope International Christian University. While working as a teacher in the classroom I completed multiple credentials. (Teaching and Administrative)

I work in the front office as a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) and in the evening I teach ESL Beginning Literacy. I love both of my current positions. In the past I have taught all of the Adult Education levels including GED and HSD.

In the classroom I dedicate 100 percent of my time to the students and their learning. I believe that everyone is entitled to an education and helping to meet those goals comes naturally to me. I truly understand the needs of the adult education student and use teaching strategies to meet all four learning domains. (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing) Teaching ESL is both exciting and rewarding. I like to see students using their English as soon as they learn something new. I encourage classroom conversation and participation.

I consider myself as a fun, caring, compassionate, and dedicated individual and I feel that that come through in my delivery. I will continue to provide quality classroom experiences as long as I have an audience to receive it. If you see me on campus, stop me and say hello. I look forward to helping you reach your goals here at Lincoln Education Center.