Terri Osborne

Terri Osborne

Ventures Unit 10 Lesson

Ventures Unit 10 Vocabulary

Ventures Unit 8 Lesson

Ventures Unit 8 worksheets & answers

Ventures Unit 9 Vocabulary

Ventures Unit 9 Lesson

Terri Osborne



Beginning Low

This course is designed for students with little or no ability to read or write English. They are unable to function unassisted in a situation requiring spoken English. Emphasis is on developing students’ ability to listen and understand with no focus on grammatical accuracy.

Course content is relevant to students’ lives. It integrates language functions and forms with basic skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) taught in the context of life skills topics.

Cultural aspects such as non verbal behavior (gestures, eye contact, body language and cross cultural communication such as awareness of differences, respect and tolerance) are taught in contexts through modeling and interaction.