Adult Basic Education

Course Description: Adult Basic Education

This course is designed to meet the needs of students who need to improve their reading and math skills.  The class provides teacher directed instruction as well as an individualized study plan. 


Knowledge and use of the English language is highly recommended.

Textbook & Course Materials

A variety of language arts, math, social studies, science, and ABE prep textbooks will be available to students for use while in the classroom.  Computer programs and online programs will be offered to students as appropriate to academic levels, needs, and goals.

Course Requirements

Students will be expected to be diligent in their studies as outlined in the individualized study plan, complete assignments in a timely matter, maintain consistent attendance, and respect others by adhering to classroom policy.

Course Structure

Students will begin the course by taking a 100 question Reading Assessment test. This score will determine the student’s reading level and will be used to implement the student’s individualized study plan.  A CASAS pretest will be given and then later in the semester a posttest will be given to monitor progress. The student’s study plan will either be ABE or HSE, which will be laid out in their study plan tracking sheet.  As a student progresses and needs arise, textbooks, materials, and computer programs will be adjusted and recorded on the student’s tracking sheet.

Course Objectives Adult Basic Education:

  • Demonstrate the ability to complete at least one reading comprehension skill book and/or computer program.
  • Demonstrate an improvement in reading skills and vocabulary with an accuracy of 70%.
  • Demonstrate computer skills. 
  • You will meet the objectives listed above through a combination of the following activities in this course:
  • Consistent class attendance
  • Commitment to additional Homework/Study outside of class
  • Participation in classroom instruction and activities
  • Diligence in completing assignments as stated in the Study Plan

Classroom Policy

Attendance: Roll is not called and not signing in may result in you not being credited for your attendance.  You must attend regularly or you will be dropped from the class.  Lincoln Education Center’s attendance policy is as follows:

  • When a student is absent for 8 consecutive classes and has not notified the teacher, the student will be dropped and will not be permitted to re-enroll until the next semester.
  • When a student has 8 absences that are not consecutive for no viable reasons, the student will be dropped and will not be permitted to re-enroll until the next semester.
  • When a student has 8 absences that are not consecutive, but has notified the teacher and the reasons are viable, it will be at the teacher’s discretion to drop the student.

Viable absences include: funeral, change in work schedule, family emergency, childcare, transportation issue, personal or child illness, personal issue shared with the teacher, visit to home country (time away should be within reason. 


If you must be absent, please call the school at (714)663-6291

Classroom Rules:

A quiet environment is necessary in the classroom.  Please speak softly while seeking help from the instructor or another student.  Turn off your cell phone.  Any student disturbing the class will be asked to leave.

Do not write in any textbook and all books must remain in the classroom.  Computer use is for school study and instruction ONLY.  Use of the internet, email, and game playing are not permitted.  No food is allowed in the classroom.  Drinks are acceptable in containers with lids.  The restroom may be used at any time without permission.  Roaming around campus during class for any other reason is not permitted.

Campus Policy

There is NO smoking anywhere on campus, including the parking lot or inside vehicles.  Smoking is permitted ONLY off campus on the sidewalk.  Any students caught smoking on campus will be dismissed from class.