Albi Gomez HSE

Albi Gomez HSE

My Journey to GED Success


               Hi, my name is Albi Gomez. My journey began five

years ago when I decided I needed to get my GED. I dropped

out of high school in the 9th grade. I went to independent

studies to continue my education, but it never worked out.

I found Lincoln Education Center when I used to drive by it

almost every day. I enrolled in the High School Diploma

program. After being married for 2 years, my husband and I welcomed our son into our lives.  Two years later our 2nd son was born.  I was a busy mom and so the High School program was not working out for me at that time. I ended up dropping out yet again. I felt discouraged, but my husband kept encouraging me to return to school for my GED. My first attempt to enroll put me on the waiting list!!  I was disappointed and lost my enthusiasm for school.  I let time go by and finally in 2014, I started studying in the High School Equivalency Prep Class at Lincoln Education Center.   


            I felt nervous when I first walked into the classroom. When I met Mrs. Browning, I knew I was at the right school. She was very welcoming and reassured everyone that we were in the right place. I knew I needed to study really hard and relearn all the subjects. It was intimidating at first, but I got my confidence back!!  As time went by, I was faced with obstacles and challenges in my life that distracted me from focusing on my goal.  Mrs. Browning always encouraged me to continue attending even with the challenges I was facing. During these challenges I kept pressing on, slowly but surely.


               Discouragement came again when I took the first GED subject test and failed.  However I did not let this cause me to lose hope.  I continued to study and successfully I passed four of the five subjects:  reading, writing, social studies and science. My last subject to pass was math. I was excited to finish what I had started 17 years prior!  In May of 2019, I passed the GED math!  I did it and am proud to say that I have my GED Certificate.  I am excited to further my education in order to work with special needs kids. I’m thankful to God that I had amazing teachers, Mrs. Browning and Mrs. Flores.  I am grateful to have had my family cheering me on all these years. With that being said, I encourage you to work hard and to not give up no matter what life throws your way. As Mrs. Browning says, “it's not how fast you get there, but that you actually finish.”