Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Mission of Garden Grove Adult Education is to provide its multicultural, multilingual community with lifelong educational opportunities needed to fulfill personal, academic, and career goals, and to facilitate active participation in an evolving diversified society.


Keys to Success

As Garden Grove Adult Education Students you will:

gain Knowledge in

  • Problem solving
  • Decision Making
  • Goal Setting
  • Responsibility

become Effective communicators who

  • Acquire and improve speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  • Work collaboratively
  • Utilize technology

learn to respect Yourselves and others

  • By demonstrating, understanding and accepting cultural differences
  • By acquiring greater self-esteem, confidence and determination to deal with life’s challenges

meet  Schoolwide expectations by

  • Being active participants in the community
  • Pursuing lifelong learning
  • Achieving personal, academic, and career goals