Staff Directory

To contact a staff member by phone, please call the office at (714) 663-6291.

Name Title/Position Email Web site
Administrative and Support Staff
Robin Patterson Adult Education Director
Christy Anderson Instructional Aide
Inez Cardona Secretary
Alecia Espinoza School Office Clerk
Joanne Galvin School Office Clerk
Tanya Hedani Instructional Aide
Robert Hoium Building Supervisor
Nick Hosseini Clerk Specialist
Susan Jones School Office Clerk
Jesus Ugarte Counselor
Eduardo Landaveri Network Technician
Annette Lewis Clerk
Neil Miller Custodian
Tung Nguyen School Office Clerk
Sheri Oliveri School Office Clerk
Hang Pham School Office Clerk
Jean Reno School Office Clerk
Elizabeth Rodriguez Instructional Aide
Tania Shaik Instructional Aide
Nayeli Strong School Community Liaison
Jennie Tran School Office Clerk
Cathy Trujillo School Office Clerk
Jose Vazquez Custodian
Mindy Can VESL Business Teacher
Kerri Rendon Beginning High/Advanced ESL and Pronunciation Teacher
Debbie Wood Intermediate Low ESL Teacher
Lynn Walker Intermediate Low ESL Teacher
Vivian Vu Beginning High & Intermediate Low ESL Teacher
Jeff Spargur ESL Teacher
Alisa Takeuchi Beginning Literacy ESL Teacher
Alejandra Sanchez High School Diploma Teacher
Kathy Rael Beginning Literacy/Low Teacher (Clinton Corner Family Campus)
Phuong Phan Advanced ESL Teacher
Cathleen Petersen Teacher on Special Assignment
Davis Mejia Academic ESL Teacher
Dung "June" Nguyen VESL Business Teacher
Terri Osborne Beginning Low & Beginning High ESL Teacher
Diana Mendez VESL Business Teacher
Louise Gustafson Beginning Low ESL Teacher
Alan Gauthier Computer Literacy Teacher
Caleb Lawrence Adults with Disabilities Teacher
Raymond Hernandez Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) & Beginning Literacy Teacher
Lisa Garcia High School Diploma Teacher
Linda Gaudenti ESL and Writing Teacher
Yesenia Flores Beginning Literacy Teacher & ABE/HSE Teacher
Rob Engel High School Diploma Teacher
Dora Danesi Beginning Literacy ESL Teacher
Ray Clifton Beginning High ESL Teacher
David Cho High School Diploma Teacher
Sochenda Chin Beginning Low and Beginning High ESL Teacher
Marianne Carey Beginning Low ESL Teacher
Mindy Can VESL Business Teacher
Dorinda Browning Adult Basic English (ABE) and High School Equivalency (HSE) Teacher
Carlos Briones Intermediate Low ESL Teacher
Donna Barr Citizenship & Beginning High ESL Teacher Web site
Elizabeth Albe Intermediate High ESL Teacher
Miguel Abascal Beginning Low ESL Teacher