Helpful Links for Teachers

Returning Student Orientation


Tech/TV Connection

Ventures Workbook Resource

Ventures Teacher Guide to Guides (a must for new teachers at GGAE)

HyFlex Instructions Using the Owl Camera and Maximizing Zoom Experience

Shared Teacher resources (websites, audio, grammar sheets…etc)

Instructional Strategies (combined) for meeting New SLOs 2021


Chromebooks for Beginners

How to use Classroom Chromebooks

September 2018- "Google Docs"

Introduction to Google Suite

October 2018 - "Welcome to Google"

 Introduction to Google Suite (Part 2)

November 2018- "Introduction to Google Slides"

Introduction to Google Slides

December 2018- "Instructional Strategy: The Jigsaw Method"

Jigsaw Method Video

January 2019- "Inserting Audio to Google Slides"

 Introduction to Google Slides (part 2- Audio)

February 2019- "Chrome Books and Digital Skills"                               

Introduce students to Chromebooks in the classroom

 Google’s Applied Digital Skills Training

March 2019- "Google Forms- for surveys, quizzes etc." 

Google Forms